A Prayer of Repentance | Daniel 9

imagesLord God Almighty, in the Name of Your Son Jesus, and according to Your Living Word, we become before You today to repent of behalf our nation here in ____________ (name your nation). Father God we praise You for You are great and awesome in Your power and You are always faithful to the covenant You have made with us through Your Son, Jesus the Christ.

Father, we thank You that Your unfailing love extends to all who love You and keep Your ways, but we come to acknowledge that here in our nation of _______________ that we have acted wickedly in our rebellion, going so far as to disregard Your commandments and regulations.

Father, w admit that we  have ignored the message given through Your servants, the prophets, who spoke on Your behalf to our kings, princes, ancestors, indeed every last person of the land, and Father, it is time for You to act because the leaders in our nation here in ____________ have had little to no regard for You or Your ways.

Father, we here in the nation of _____________ and those who are in neighboring regions and including those who are far away have committed treacherous acts against You and we are asking You to have mercy upon us here in the nation ___________ by opening a door of righteousness where the righteous may enter in thereby to seek Your face for mercy and grace on behalf of our nation of ______________.

Father, God we come with repentant hearts to confess that we have sinned against You and against heaven, and have not sought Your will concerning our nation of ______________.

Father we ask You to forgive us for our open rebellion against and we are asking You to have compassion upon our leaders and all who come under their leadership here in the nation of _________ and lead us in the way everlasting according to Your mercy and grace.

Father, we confess and admit that we have not obeyed Your voice, for we have failed to live by the teachings You gave us directly through Your servants, the prophets. Father, we in the nation of ___________ have abandoned Your teachings, deserted Your covenant, and refused to obey Your voice.

Lord God Almighty, Your Name is great and you are awesome in Your power, and we confess and admit that not only are we still sinning against You here in our nation of _____________, but we are committing abominations after abominations in our nation of _____________ without any fear of regard of who You are.

Lord God, we confess and admit that Your Holy Name is being blasphemed throughout our nation of ___________ and our voices have been silent up to now, and we are asking You to help us change that.

Father, we are asking You to give us the boldness to stand up for Your righteous ways regardless of those mockers, and hecklers who would come against us.

Father, give us the wisdom to be wise on how we can minister to those souls who need Jesus to become their Lord and Savior. Father God, we ask You to hear the prayers and petitions voiced today by your servant/s in our nation of ___________ and we ask You to shine Your face upon us here in __________ according to Your mercy and Your grace and for Your glory, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

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