The Preacher Said … | Vanity! | Part 4 / 12

imagesFather, as the Preacher continues to survey the oppression that is done under the sun, we thank You that You are Defender of the poor and needy. Father, many are being oppressed and are grown weary of their oppressors and would rather die than to spend another day or moment in their hands.

Father, just as vanity is a stench before Your Holy Nostril so is envy and greed. Father, we ask You to forgive those leaders who oppress the citizens of their nations through envy and greed. God forgive us and our neighbors wherever we may be upon the face of the earth for coveting, or for being green with envy against members of our families, in our fellowship, and in our neighborhoods.

Yes, Father, it is beneficial to eat little in peace than to eat with those whose lips speak one thing, because vain are the thoughts and minds of men. Father, our greed supersedes common sense, and we are guilty of exploit the innocent and the poor so that we may gain from their misfortunes.

Father, we repent and ask You to forgive us for our vain and thoughtless ways towards our fellow human beings. Father, we thank You for the true and faithful companions You have chosen to come along our side to pick us up when we fall.

Thank You, Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit that without You our lives will be cold dismal without the warmth of Your love in our hearts. Father God, we thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You, and Holy Spirit of the Living God we thank You, that a threefold cord is not easily broken.

Father, we thank You, that when two or three are gathered in Your Name, You are in the midst of us. Keep us humble and poor in spirit we pray, Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, for we shall always have need of You.

Father God, we thank You for this important lesson in our lives, that with You, Your Son or Your Holy Spirit being with us, our lives will just like be a vain spirit grasping for the wind which is empty, useless and futile.

Father, we thank You that Your perfect presence, knowledge and power are always with us and that without You we cannot do nothing, and for this we will not fail to give You honor, glory and praise that is due Your Holy Name alone, in Jesus’ Magnificent Name we pray, Amen.


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