Jesus Paid it All and the Payment Was Enough for Everyone

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Jesus Paid it All

When Jesus paid it all, He paid it for all of us. Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient to cover the sin of every human past, present and future.  Before readers get alarmed, please understand I am not saying that everyone from the past was saved, nor am I saying that all will be saved now or in the future.  In fact, the majority of people from the past, people now and those who live in the future will not be saved and enter Heaven. The sad truth is the majority of humankind will spend eternity separated from God in a place  called Hell.  So, please do not misunderstand; I am not espousing some form of Universalism, where everybody ends up in Heaven.

What am I saying then? I am simply saying that the quality of Jesus’ sacrifice and payment on the Cross  was enough for all humanity to escape the penalty of their sins. Jesus’ payment was not just for an elect group of people whom God the Father has preselected in eternity past to be eternally with Him in Heaven. Not everyone will agree with that statement, of course, but this is what I believe  the Bible teaches. Let me also state here, that I don’t fully understand nor can I explain the finer details of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. I can’t and I won’t even try!

God’s gift of salvation through the death of His Son Jesus Christ is available to all, but not all will accept it.  Even though it is a free gift, there are terms under which we must accept. What are the terms? Repentance toward God for our sin and belief in His Son Jesus Christ. We must agree with God that our sin is wrong; we have to understand what we deserved as punishment for those sins. That covers repentance toward God. Then we must believe that God, in the form of the man Jesus Christ, came to Earth to pay on our behalf. Not only that He died, but He rose after three days dead thereby conquering sin and death. If we do that and call on the name of the Lord, we will be saved as we clearly learn in Romans 10:13.

How can we know that this salvation is available to all, and that our failure to have it is not because God denied it to us but because we refused it?

To understand this, we have to start at the very beginning. Because of the rebellion of Adam and Eve, we are all sinners by nature and choice. It is never a question of if we sin, but only a question of when. The Calvinists have it right on this point, really; we are so totally depraved that we are not even capable on our own of wanting to be saved from our sin. The sinful state we are born into is made clear in Romans 5:12 and 5:13, which teach us that sin and death entered into the world by one man, Adam.

We do not want to be saved, as we love our sin more. Left to our own devices, we would never seek God. Romans 3:10 and 13 tell us that not only is no one righteous, but none of us seek God. Romans 8:7 is yet more dire, teaching us that not only are we the enemies of God, but we are not even capable of accepting the things of God. In John 6:44, Jesus taught that no one would come to Him unless the Father drew them.

So even though we are not desiring or capable of seeking God, God has made provisions for us in order that we may overcome our inability.  In Matthew Chapter 19 after the rich young ruler left disappointed, Jesus pointed out to His disciples how difficult it was for a man to be saved.  When asked who could be saved, Jesus replied that with men it is not possible, but with “God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:25,26) So, we see that we would only respond to God if He draws us. The good news is that we hear Jesus say  in John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” God also draws all men unto Himself through the light of Jesus Christ; John 1:9 teaches us this light lights all men.

Atonement is not limited. It is available to all men. Scholars get around this clear teaching of Scripture by spinning what the Bible says when it says “all.” Of course any word can have more than one meaning including that one. But nothing in the context of any of the verses below suggest that “all” is limited in any way.

Hebrews 2:9, Jesus did “taste death for every man”
Hebrews 10:10 teaches Jesus body was offered “for all.”
John 12:47, Jesus came to save the World
Romans 5:8, Jesus died for sinners
Romans 5:18, Jesus free gift is offered to “all men”
Romans 8:32, Jesus was delivered up for “us all”
Isaiah 53:6, he bore the iniquities of “all”
2 Corinthians 5:14-15, Jesus died for “all”
2 Peter 2:1, Jesus even died for false teachers and liars doomed for Hell.

So, there you have it. It’s available to everyone. No one is denied it. Repentance toward God and belief in The Lord Jesus Christ and it’s yours.


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  1. “Let me also state here, that I don’t fully understand nor can I explain the finer details of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. I can’t and I won’t even try!”

    Wally, this a mystery that none of us will understand, until we are standing face to face with Jesus in glory !! God has chosen the Elect, chosen before time began…and He doesn’t lose one… It is ALL God’s grace… We are dead in our trespasses…

    And yet we DO have a part in salvation, by confessing and repenting of our sins with godly sorrow… Believing with saving faith (given to us by God) to believe upon and receive the Lord Jesus Christ… This occurs after we understand and obeying the Gospel of Christ , or not !! (2 Thessalonians 1:8-9)

    Seems like these two truth’s don’t match up, doesn’t it !! And yet they are both true !!

    Have a blessed day in the Lord, Wally !!


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  2. Amen Wally. Calvinist love Romans 3:23 but leave out 3:24. That verse explains we were all freely justified at the cross. Jesus did it all and it is sufficient, what we do with Jesus is our part. Good post.


    • Thanks for reading Aaron. I don’t understand the whole thing but it seems clear to me. And don’t misunderstood my leanings overall are more Calvinist than not to tell the truth but I do believe we can reject the offer of salvation

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  3. Wally, I do not believe we have free will to reject Christ, if we have been effectually called… Remember God doesn’t lose one of His Elect… I believe we are on His Elect list, because through God’s omniscience, He knew we would repent and believe…because He gave us the will to do so…

    John 1:12-13… But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: 13 who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. (NKJV)

    The Reprobate (goats) God knew would reject His general call of the Gospel of Christ…

    Pretty deep stuff, huh ?? Would welcome UR thoughts on my thoughts…


    • Hey Bruce. It’s a tough subject for sure. I believe we can reject God’s offer of salvation. That goes hand in hand with it being available to all. We can each toss verses until the day is done and no human will ever get it completely. But that we have a choice seems clear. You are about the most fearless witness I have seen and that is awesome. But if the call is irresistible why bother? Just something to ponder.


      • Why bother what ?? To share the Gospel ?? We share the good news, because Christ commands us to, in His last spoken words before ascending into heaven…

        I believe we only have free will to choose not to obey the Gospel, if it is planted in any one of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd soils… But when the general call is heard (4th soil) with ears to hear (given to us by God, after being drawn in by God), we are effectually called, and have no free will to reject God’s call… It is indeed ALL God’s will…none of our own, as scripture tells us in…John 1:12-13…

        I was amazed, and yet comforted to know, that John MacArthur admitted he didn’t even know how is own spiritual life worked !! Here is his video…

        Food for thought !!


  4. 1. If Jesus paid, literally paid for every sin of every man, why are not all men saved? Because some believe and some do not. Is unbelief a sin? For those who believe and are saved, who get’s the credit? Why does anyone believe? Free will? If human free will, can a man boast? Is there occasion to boast if I choose to believe and my friend does not? Just questions deserving of consideration. 🙂

    Concerning effectual grace, man is commanded to repent and believe, but is unable unless God do something inside of a man. When God opens a heart to hear and believe, a lost man will repent and believe. All God gives me WILL come to me. Just a thought.

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    • I agree that something must change in us..yep I do. And those are good questions Dan. I wish I had complete answers! Lot’s of good food for thought. I still ask if some cannot be led to belief, why evangelize? Thanks for jumping in, these are good conversations.


      • When we share the gospel and someone believes, I believe it’s like Lydia in Acts 16, whose heart was opened by God to hear Paul’s message. If that is what it means to ‘lead’ someone to belief, so be it! If I can take credit for anything it is only being faithful to the gospel message. I think the ‘leading’ is actually the inner work of the Holy Spirit. Is that fair? God is the soul winner, I am the messenger.

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        • Dan that is more than fair and I really liked it to tell the truth. Very nice. That term leading someone has always vaguely bugged me for that very reason in that some folks do act as if they did something. Like if they had not shown up the person would still be lost


  5. I am enjoying these studies immensely. Thank you for being humble enough to admit you don’t have all of the answers (no one does: scripture says His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts). All I know is, the Bible teaches free will throughout. Hebrews tells us “the just shall live by faith.” It doesn’t say we’ll live by understanding. If we could understand it all, then we would be able to boast (ha ha, I’m smarter than you sort of attitude), but we don’t. Also, all any of us deserves is hell because we all fall short of the glory of God, so Jesus is the only one who deserves any credit, the only one who has any reason to boast. (Response to an above response). God bless you, brother, keep on teaching.

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