Society is careful not to offend anyone except God


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God bless

James 🙂


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  1. I’ve heard it said that blasphemy is a victimless crime. 😉

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  2. Christians should ask themselves if having this new law result in new elementary school curriculums that teach dangerous lifestyle choices are good now effects them.

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  3. I know, right?? Strange times we’re all living in.

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  4. You’re preaching the word today, my brother.
    Not only are they careful not to offend anyone but Him; they take much pride in manufacturing offense at His Word.

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  5. It’s true. God’s word is offensive and exclusive. If you don’t believe in God it’s easy to see why you would be offended by Him.

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  6. We’re living at the end times. I agree! This is to be expected!

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  7. It seems nowadays that we live in such hypocrisy when it is okay for the liberal to bash Christianity and we bear the brunt of it but if we speak truth from the Word of God, we are hung at the neck (not literally…yet).


  8. James, don’t take this the wrong way, but…

    I think God is much too secure in who He is and what He does to ever be offended by anything we do or say.
    more likely, the only ‘targets’ still not off limits for offending and mocking are Christians and other people of Faith.
    I’m not saying that Faith and people of faith are worthy of the mockery or insult, but to fair and honest, we certainly do bring a lot of it on ourselves by what WE say and do. wouldn’t you agree?
    the key I think is not to set up the us vs them mentality, but to openly discuss and defend what we believe and why we believe it in responsible, rational, relatable, and Respectful ways. and the LISTEN to the other’s responses for clues to what we might have missed or aren’t taking account of.
    Respectful and Honest communication, what a concept.


  9. I only insult gods if they are egotistical, genocidal maniacs. And even then, as they are not real how offended can any god really get?


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    Sadly True…

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  11. Sharing this picture. More than a thousand words.

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